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About Us

But you can get great hand and start reflecting on the type of a lifetimeresults at home.


    We have repair over 300+ computer remotely. Virus removal, Slow Pc, No Space, No sound and Many more


    Most client often need replacement parts for there computer or laptop, what iptions does. Is get it from verified source. It gets here with in 3 to 5 days


    We Provide a one time purchase or monthly facebook or instagram improvemnt for business owner.Where if you have 20 followers we will give you 10k followers, 10+k views or likes on your post you uploaded


    We will provide 24/7 tech support, 24/7 website maintenance and 24/7 socail media support. This mains if you upload something on socail media (instagram)we will send likes and views to it inclouding comments

Who We are

Ahmed Sillah is a small business owner who’s taken a more traditional approach to a successful client service relationship. I’m the founder of Iptions which is a small computer repair service that I used to provide the best service in the community with 99% of all clients that are happy with the work done for them. Ahmed Sillah also builds website for many clients locally and internationally . I’m also a social media booster meaning if you want your product or business or even your image to stand out, I can provide you with social media package!!!

Our Creative Team

Roman Empire, razors had began to modernise; they were designed like a half-moon at first

  • 2000 Happy CLIENTS
  • 500 Cups of Coffee
  • 3000 Best Look

Our Skills

These are the most popular skills that our customers request from Iptions

Computer repairs
Website development
social media marketing
Web - Hosting

What Make us Different

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the customers

No Billing by the Hour

We often set a fix price for our customers


There’s nothing like a hardworking person my parent told me work hard and you will get good things coming your way.

Full Service

We make show to check everything on your computer and look for anything that might slow down your computer/laptop

Good Envioronment

I'm a guy who like to enjoy myself time to time learn from different people

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